How To Create a US PSN Account On PS4

    1. To create a US PSN account start off by logging out of your PSN account on the PS4 and then selecting new user.
    2. Now, select ‘Create a User’. This will take you through to the user agreement and, once you’ve accepted that, to a PSN welcoming screen, where you need to select, ‘Next’.
    3. You will now be at a log-in screen. Instead of entering your log-in details, select, ‘New to PSN? Create an Account’ at the bottom of the screen.
    4. Now you will come to a screen that’s titled ‘Sign up for PSN’. Select ‘Sign Up Now’.
    5. At the next screen you will now need to input your country/region, your language and your date of birth. Set your country as ‘United States’ and enter your language and date of birth as normal (be aware that the US format for date of birth is month/day/year, rather than day/month/year).
    6. Now you need to pick your City, State/Province and postal code. We’re not sure if the postal code and city need to match up, but, naturally, we went for Beverley Hills, 90210 and that worked fine.
    7. Next, you will be asked for your Sign-in ID, which is your email address, and a password.
    8. You can’t use the email address that your UK account is registered with for a new PSN account so, if you’ve got another email account, use that, or create a new one.
    9. Once you’ve entered the necessary information you will have to enter your online ID and your name. Enter whatever you wish and then you will go though a series of screens where you have to set your preferences on how you want your name to be displayed, who can see your friends list, and so on.
    10. Once you’ve done all that, you’ve got your US PSN account.

How To Redeem A US PSN Code On Your PS4

    In order to redeem your US PSN code, open the PlayStation store on your PS4 while logged in to your US PS4 account (you can’t redeem US codes on a UK account) and scroll to the bottom to select Redeem Codes. Put in your code and you’ll now own the game.