Evolva (PC)

Single Player
Cross-Platform Multiplayer
Local Co-Op
Downloadable Content
In-App Purchases
Partial Controller Support
Full Controller Support
Steam Achievements
Steam Trading Cards
VR Support
Steam Workshop
Steam Cloud
Valve Anti-Cheat Enabled
Steam Leaderboards
Includes Level Editor
Commentary Available
Captions Available
Action Action
Adventure Adventure
Hidden Object
Family Friendly
Retro Retro
Strategy Strategy
Antivirus and Security
Game Development
Design and Illustration
Business and Office
Operating System
Virgin Interactive Entertainment

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Evolva is a third-person action game with a difference. After a bizarre biological menace falls on an alien world and sends out massive tendrils to infest the planet with its evil spore, four genetically mutable warriors called GenoHunters are sent in to destroy the infestation before it can spread to other worlds.

You can constantly develop the individual abilities of your four warriors by altering their DNA from the foes they have killed. e.g. kill a frog creature or a striding bird, and the GenoHunters can evolve the abilities of jumping higher and running faster.

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  • Marries the excitement of a 3-D shoot-em-up with the planning and control of a strategy game
  • Mutator technology lets players customize their Genohunters
  • Genetic weaponry grows from the Genohunters
  • Artificial Life technology ensures that the creatures and environments behave in a natural way
  • Fully interactive environments allow the player to melt ice, torch plants, blow up rocks
  • Pentium 233
  • Microsoft Windows 95 or 98
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 4x CD-ROM drive
  • Voodoo 1 or equivalent
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