Jimmy Whites Cueball World (PC)

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Virgin Interactive

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Jimmy White's Cueball World is a billiard sports game endorsed by snooker champion Jimmy White. It is the sequel to Jimmy White's 2, with which it shares many features.

The game offers three different types of game: pool (in the variants 9-ball, US 8-ball, UK 8-ball and 14.1 Continuous), snooker and billiards. There are a variety of camera options with top-down and first-person views of the table available. Making a shot can be done easily with the mouse by clicking on the queue and then moving backwards and forwards. More precise control is possible through a number of icons, allowing the player to set power, spin, and cue tilt. Manually chalking is necessary to avoid miscues.

A training mode and a trick shot editor are available. The main single player mode consists of consecutive matches against a number of opponents. Beating them unlocks new levels and several sub-games. There are nine environments in the game, starting from a standard pool hall to more exotic ones like a beach and a jungle. The sub-games include Darts (301, 501 or Round the Clock), Thumb War, Maze and Stunt Tables. The game can be played by two players on one machine, over a LAN and also the Internet. The game features live-action footage of Jimmy White commenting on the player's success or failures.

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