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Mindscape's Brain Trainer is a series of puzzles and mental problems designed to keep the 'little grey cells' active. Allegedly 'Experts agree that spending 10 to 15 minutes a day on a brain training workout using simple exercises and puzzles can improve the skills needed to achieve greater success academically and in everyday life'.
All puzzles are timed and most involve dragging words, symbols or shapes into position with the mouse, there is no typing. 
There is a practice section where the player can try out all the puzzles but in the daily tests the player only plays one test from each category and it is the program which decides which. 
All games/tests are timed and scored and the scores are recorded and compared with previous scores. If a question stumps a player then there is the PASS button so that they can progress, naturally though using this does decrease the players final score. 
The puzzles start out quite simply but get harder as the player progresses.

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In this product, there are five categories, each with three puzzles. They are:

    • Verbal: which contains:
        Anagrams - here the player is shown a series of anagrams which they have to decode, when played for the purposes of describing the game all the anagrams were US States
      • A Spelling Test: The player is shown three words and must select the one with the correct spelling
      • A Word Search: The player has to find ten target words in a 10x10 grid
    • Numerical: Which contains:
      • Mental Arithmetic: These are multiple choice sums which can be as simple as "2 x 2 = 2 ?", the player has to click to select the correct answer from a choice of four
      • Number Crunch: The player is presented with a simple sum e.g. "3 ? 8 ? 5 = 6" and they must place the supplied mathematical symbols, in this case a '+' and a '-' in the right place to make the sum work
      • Number Sequence: Presented with a sequence containing a gap the player again has to click to select the correct answer from a choice of four
    • Spatial: Which contains:
      • A Four Color puzzle in which a geometric pattern must be completed in just four colours with no colour touching itself
      • Colour Matching: presented with a set of squares containing the same geometric design but coloured differently the player must pick the matching pair
      • Fold The Cube: Given a series of cubes and a 'flattened' cube layout the player selects the cube that would be produced by assembling it
    • Memory: Which contains:
      • Follow the Leader which is a kind of 'Simon Says' puzzle
      • Matching Pairs is a Concentration like game where the player is given ten seconds to look at a set of symbols which are then hidden, the object being to match the pairs as fast as possible with the fewest errors
      • Memory Grid: After seeing an arrangement of tiles in a grid for a short while the player must reconstruct it
  • Logic: Which contains:
    • Color Tiles where the player must arrange six multicoloured tiles in a grid so that wherever one tile borders another both borders are of the same colour
    • Connexagon: presented with wheels comprising hexagons of different colours the player must rotate the wheels and swap tiles so that each wheel is comprised of tiles of a single colour
    • Sudoku: Not the full 0-9 version but a smaller game where players must put numbers into a grid according to standard Sudoku rules. At it's lowest level the puzzle only uses the numbers 1-4
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