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The Monaco OST bundle includes a bonus album, THE GENTLEMAN'S PRIVATE COLLECTION, featuring bonus tracks, covers and re-imaginings of the score by the following artists:
  • Chipzel 
  • Cris Gale 
  • Laura Intravia 
  • Malukah 
  • MegaRan 
  • Peter Hollens 
  • Tina Guo 
  • Tomoki Miyoshi 
  • Videri String Quartet 
  • Viking Jesus 
  • William Kage
Monaco Official Soundtrack:

1. What's Yours Is Mine - 00:43
2. Prison life - 03:35
3. Hijack at the Hairpin - 01:49
4. Foreign Affairs - 03:55
5. Liquidity - 03:18
6. Manoir Moucharder - 03:08
7. Turf War - 01:44
8. Le Port de la Condamine - 02:18
9. Centre Hospitalier - 01:44
10. False Teeth - 05:12
11. The Devil's Trick - 03:27
12. Discothéque Rouge - 02:49
13. Quartier Diamant - 04:41
14. Pearls Before Swine - 02:22
15. Casino De Monte Carlo - 02:26
16. Hôtel De Monaco - 02:07
17. Can't Resist (ft. Laura Vall) - 02:03

1. This City is my Prison - 01:18
2. Laura Intravia - As the Sun Sets in Monaco - 04:53
3. Identity - 01:44
4. Peter Hollens - They Never See Me Coming - 02:02
5. Videri String Quartet - A Wolf in Sheep's Clothes - 02:48
6. William Kage - Your Life is Mine - 01:52
7. Viking Jesus - The Thrill of Thievery - 03:45
8. Jimmyz - 01:59
9. A Very Different Monaco - 00:44
10. Tina Guo - The Dark Heart of Monte Carlo - 02:30
11. Tomoki Miyoshi - The Gentleman's Partita - 02:00
12. Cris Gale - Song of Banque - 02:37
13. A Slightly Less Different Monaco - 00:41
14. Mega Ran, Ft. Jermiside - Stick 'Em - 04:14
15. Chipzel - Discothéque Rouge, After Hours - 04:06
16. Rats Will Eat Their Own - 01:33
17. Malukah - Shadows - 02:18